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www.duke-energy.comDuke energy is a generator, transmitter, and distributor of electricity and natural gas in the United States Canada and Latin America serving areas such as North and South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. By having an account at www.duke energy.com, you can manage your accounts, monitor your energy usage, set up payment plans and do much more.

  • To login to your account, enter your username and password in the sign in section on the home page and click on the “sign in” button.

duke login

  • To register for an online account click on the “Need to register?” link and enter your first and last name, email address, set a password, and select a security question and answer it then accept the privacy statement before clicking on the “Register” button.

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Payment options

  • Auto pay: login to your account in order to set up automatic payments so that your future bill payments may be deducted monthly from your bank account. Once you are logged into your www.duke-energy.com account, go to the automatic draft option and enter you banking information such as account number and routing information then submit your request to authorize the deduction to be made from your checking or savings account. Duke energy also offers its customers the option of paying a standard amount because their bill is averaged through the months.
  • Pay through E-Z Pay: www.duke energy.com uses a third party, to accept and process one-time payments online or by calling the phone number, 1.866.358.7075. You can pay using a Credit card (MasterCard, visa or credit card) or electronic check. This service is available at a $2.40 service fee charged by E-Z Pay. Visit the Kubra E-Z Pay payment site, https://secure8.i-doxs.net/Progress/OneTimeValidate.aspx, enter your Duke Energy account number, zip code and validation code and proceed by clicking on “Continue” to make your payment.
  • Pay in person: visit any of the authorized payment stations to pay your bill by check, cash or money order. Note that some stations may charge you a service fee for paying through them.
  • Pay by mail: pay your bill by sending in your check to the following mailing address below.



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