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west texas gasWest Texas Gas (WTG), headquartered in Colorado, Midland, Texas, is a gas company, providing gas distribution and transmission, gas processing and transmission of natural gas liquids. The company serves about 28,670 customers in Oklahoma and Texas cities (29 Texas cities and 12 Oklahoma cities).

The company offers its customers several bill pay options. These include the West Texas Gas online bill pay, pay through your bank, and pay by mail, in person or by phone.

Payment options

Pay in person at a local kiosk: Visit a payment kiosk near you to pay your bill by cash, check, debit card or credit card. You will need to present your bill and enter your account number at the payment kiosk. You will receive a receipt and confirmation number once you’ve completed the transaction. You can find a list of the available kiosks at http://www.westtexasgas.com/customer-service/understanding-your-bill/.

 Pay by mail: Send your check or money order payment to the West Texas Gas address listed on your monthly bill.

Pay online through your bank: Confirm with bank whether this service is available. If your bank offers online banking services that allow you to pay bills online, you can use them to make your West Texas Gas online bill. You will need to provide your bank with:

  • The payee name, in this case, ‘West Texas Gas’,
  • Address to send the payment (find it on the remit to portions of your bill),
  • West Texas Gas account number.
  • Once you’ve set this up, Log in to your bank’s online banking portal to pay your bill.

Plans are underway to have an online portal to help customers make West Texas Gas Online Bill Pay. Below is a page showing the service is under construction.

My Account - West Texas Gas underconstruction


Automatic bank draft: have your bill deducted automatically from your bank account on every due date so that you don’t have to worry about having writing and mailing checks or having to queue at the payment locations. To sign up for the service, visit a West Texas Gas customer care office near you or call them for more information.

Pay by telephone: You can also call your local customer care office to pay your bill over the phone.

West Texas Gas offices: You can visit any of the West Texas Gas Customer Care office near you for inquiries, assistance and bill payment. Find a list of the West Texas Gas office locations at http://www.westtexasgas.com/about-us/locations/.

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