Weirton West Virginia Emerging Bill Pay

Weirton West logoThe of Weirton West Virginia was incorporated in 1947. The city has a long history of industrious and hardworking people having emerged from a community of farmers. Today is no different as the city continues to grow and remain committed to helping its residents reach out to the basic amenities like utility services. These services are paid for using the set up payment options that work well with the busy population of Weirton West Virginia.

Online Bill Payment

Pay online: Weirton West Virginia Emerging Bill Pay offers the options to pay your bill using their online portal. This enables you to make a onetime payment or set up an account for recurring payments. To register an online account only takes a few seconds.

Weirton West Virginia Emerging Bill Pay login

  • An online account enables a customer to view and print their bills online.
  •  It enables one to edit their account details
  • Enables one to apply for paperless billing

To register for SmartBill you’ll need a bank routing account and number.

Weirton West Virginia Emerging Bill Pay register

Mail: Customer can also decide to send their payments via mail. Only payments, send as money orders of payments, checks are accepted. It’s always thoughtful to make sure that the due date of your bill has not reached to avoid disconnections, since this method might take some time before the bill payment reflects on your account. To send payments via this method send to the address below and make sure you send it with your bill stub to ease the process of processing.

In person: Customers can also make payments at the City Hall banking hall from 9 A.M -5 P.M of any working day. Payments accepted are; credit card, cash or money order. This method is appropriate because the payment is reflected in your account almost immediately.

Drop Box: This method just like the above involves the customer making Weirton West Virginia Emerging Bill Pay in person, only this time is when the working hours have elapsed and need to make the payment in a rush to avoid disconnection of the service.These drop box points are available throughout the town and only receives money orders and personal checks

Phone: To make payment via phone call 1-304-797-8591, 1-304-797-8592or 1-304-797-8590 and follow the instruction to make paying your bill. This method only accepts credit cards and debit cards.

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