Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Water Bill Pay

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Water logoThis is a water company serving customers in the Maryland, Laurel area. Its estimated that they provide the service to over 14 million people to over 40 states in the US. Their main duty is to provide water and wastewater to the residents.To add value to their service the company provide easy and convenient payment solutions for their customers to use.

How to Pay the Bill

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Water Bill Pay offers various methods to make payments among them multiple ways called self service programs that give online methods to pay your bills. Below find the options:

 Pay online: Customers can make Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Water Bill Pay through an online portal that accepts either credit card or personal check as the mode of payment. This service can be accessed through https://eservices.wsscwater.com/wps/portal. This service require someone to have registered before they can access the service.

Washington Suburban Sanitary  registration

After registering one is able to signing so that they can make payment as shown below.

Washington Suburban Sanitary login

  • Using EZ debit: Most utility companies used the EZ debit program to eneble their customers to pay their bills with ease. It works like the automatic deduction program where by the customer links their pay bill account to their credit card or bank account and when the bill is due the funds are deducted from the option available to settle the bill. Only birect debit from a savings or checking account are accepted by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Water Bill Pay.
  • Pay with cash: Customers can pay in person by visiting the office and paying the due bill. The only payment mode accepted for this option is cash. To pay in person visit the address below.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Cashier’s Office
14501 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, MD 20707

  • Pay by mail: payments can also be made to the address by mail, but only money order or personal checks can be sent via mail.
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