Visit bill pay to make your payments online bill payOld Navy retails all types of clothing across the United States. The Company was conceived by GAP incl. in the 1990’s. The Company has diversified its network with more than 1,000 operational branches across America. One can order for the clothing or either purchase them from one of their locations. The Company has teamed up with GE Capital Retail bank (GECRB) to provide for the Old Navy Card-the Old Navy Credit Card and the Old Navy Visa Card, which enables the customers to cheaply pay for their bills. Read the “privacy policy” enclosing your card at The Company does not allow cash payments at their stores. A customer can use the cards to pay for the bills online at bill pay.The bill pay main site

How to pay for your bills online

  1.  Go to bill pay.
  2. On the right hand side of the site, enter your “User ID”. Click the “Login” link.login here
  3. On the next page the customer should enter his or her password.
  4. Once you logged into your online account, you can see the transaction history, know your card balance, know your rewards and pay the bills.
  5. Go to the pay bill option, choose your card-the credit card or the visa card, enter the details of the payee and proceed to make the payment.
  6. Once you through with the payment make sure you log out.

Other available credit card payment options

Pay by Mail; Post your Old Navy card payment details to PO Box 960017, Orlando, FL 32896-0017 for the Old Navy Credit Card and to PO Box 530942, Atlanta, GA 30353-0942 for the Visa Credit Card payment option.

How to register your card

  1. Visit bill pay .
  2. Click the “Register” link. On the next page, complete the five steps.
  3. Start by entering your account number and hit the “Continue” link, then Validate-Step 2, Select a security question-Step 3, Select security image-Step 4, finalise the registration at Step 5-Account summary. Register here

Are you having problems?

  1. With making payments? Contact the customer care service at 1-866-450-5294 for the Visa card and 1-877-222-6868 for the credit card.
  2. With logging in? Forgotten your User ID? Visit bill pay . Click “Look up User ID” link, the next page will allow you to enter your account number and the last four digits of your social security number, then click “Continue” to recover your User ID.
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