Visit to access the banana card online account Banana Republic Company has been the leading retailer of wears in America. The Company has been in existence for the last 36 years since the late 70s.It stocks the wears in different stores spread all over America where customers can buy the clothing from. The company was first given a safari theme before it was bought by Gap Inc., a national wide Company in America. The Company gives banana republic credit card that a customer may use to make purchases at the company stores and at any affiliated stores. The affiliated stores include; Old Navy, Athleta, The Gap and Piperlime. You can manage your card online at Banana Republic main site

The banana republic Card

The card is given by the GE Capital Retail Bank (GECRB). The banana card can be said to be a reward card since one is likely to get rewards and bonuses, once you use it to purchase at the Company’s store and the affiliated stores. Some of the rewards include;

  1. Earning a 15% discount during purchases.
  2. Earn a maximum of five points for every dollar spent at the stores.
  3. For 200 points you likely to get $10 reward.
  4. 15% discount for new customers in their first time purchase.
  5. A 500 additional points when you register for paperless statements.
  6. Notifications of any special offers and discounts at the stores.

Using the Banana card online

  1. Go to
  2. On the left upper side at “Member login”. Enter your “User ID”.Login here
  3. Confirm whether the User ID is correct before you proceed, then, Click “Login”. This leads you to the online access where you can check your account balance, pay your bills online, access the paperless statements, and check for the rewards awarded.

Do you have problems logging into your online account?

  1.  Forgotten your User ID? Visit
  2. On the upper left side and click the “Lookup User ID” link to recover your User ID.
  3. The next page lets you fill your account number and the last four digits of your social security number. Hit “Continue” to recover your User ID.

How to register the card

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “Register” link below the Login link.
  3. Validate the card and personal information, then click “Continue”.Register here
  4. Choose a security question then proceed by clicking “Continue”.
  5. Choose a security image and proceed by clicking “Continue”.
  6. Finally finish up the registration and you will access  your personalized account.


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