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verizon wireless.comVerizon is a telecommunications company providing fixed and mobile telephone services, digital TV, broadband and fixed-line internet services among others. The my Verizon gives Verizon customers access to a variety of services enabling them to sign in and make changes to their Verizon account, change their password, manage their services, view and pay their bill online.

How to pay your bill

Pay online:

  • It is possible to pay your bill online without logging into My Verizon. These payments are processed by a third party vendor and a service fee is charged though if you sign in there will be no service charge. In the residential page, Pass your mouse over the “My Verizon” option and select “one time bill payment”. Enter your Verizon telephone number or if you don’t have one, enter your Verizon account number and billing zip code and click on the “pay bill” button. Enter your payment and bank details then submit your request. You can register or sign in from this page by selecting the respective option.
  • To register for online access to my Verizon, click on “Register for my Verizon” in the login section. Enter your Verizon telephone number and your last bill amount, last payment amount or your Verizon account number then select “continue”. Next, create your ID and password to complete the registration.

Verizon register

  • To sign into to your My Verizon account, enter your user ID in the “sign in to My Verizon” section and click on the “sign in” button. For security purposes, you will not be required to enter your password now; it will be required in the next page of the login process. In the “where to?” box, select the page you want to visit, in this case, “pay my bill”.

Verizon login

  • Once you have logged into my Verizon, Hover over the “My Verizon” option and click on pay my bill. Select the account you want to pay for and enter the last 4 digits of the account owner’s social security number and zip code then click on “continue”. Enter the information required such as the amount to be paid and the date, your bank account number and routing information to make your payment.

Pay in person: Payments can also be made in person at authorized Verizon payment locations.

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