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unity utilities logoUnited Utilities is a provider of water and sewer services to about 3 million household and a further 200,000 businesses in North West England. The company aims to provide clean water and quality sewer services to the population as well as protect and enhance the environment.

The company offers several United Utilities Bill Payment options that are convenient to the customer. Aside from these options, they have various programs aimed at helping the customers pay their bills such as installment payments.

Payment options

Internet banking: use your bank’s internet banking service, BACS or standing order to pay your bill. The United Utilities banking details are now: NatWest Bank PLC, Sort code: 010917; Account number: 58933956.

Cash payments at a Payzone outlet or post office: you can pay your bill for free over the counter at a Payzone store or at the post office.

Pay online: Make a one-time United Utilities Bill Payment securely online using your debit/credit card at any time. Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards are accepted modes of payments.

Pay your bill online - My Account - United Utilities

  • Enter your United Utilities account number, email address, and the name on the card you are using to pay among other personal details. You will also need to specify the card type and amount to pay.
  • Click on next to confirm the payment amount
  • Next, enter your card details, confirm that your payment details are correct and submit your payment.

You can register and log in to ‘My Account’ to enroll for paperless billing, pay your bill online without having to re-enter your payment details every time and set up direct debit.

Login - My Account - United Utilities

Direct debit: With this service, you bill will be deducted weekly, fortnightly, or monthly automatically from your checking or savings bank account. To sign up for the service, register and login to ‘my account’ then provide your payment details including your account number and bank’s routing information. Specify how often the deduction should take place as well.

Automated payments line: Call 0800 9 80 60 50 with your account number at hand to make your payment with a debit or credit card

Pay by mail: Send your cheque payable to United Utilities water PLC to the address listed on your bill. Cash payments are however not acceptable if you use this method.

Pay at your bank: You can pay your bill at your bank either by cash or cheque. Whether there is a service charged for this method is dependent on the individual bank.

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