Town of Holly Springs Water Bill Payment

Town of Holly Springs logoThe town of holly springs’ department of water and sewer is a public works department tasked with providing quality water and sewer services to the over 24,661 population of the town of holly springs in the wake county, North Carolina. They provide water meters and main taps and also handle the repairs, storm drainage, irrigation and prevention of backflow.

The department offers a variety of Town of Holly Springs Water Bill Payment options from which customers can select the one that best suits them. The payments can be made using a several modes of payment including direct deductions from your bank account, credit or debit card. Some methods allow cash, check, and money order payments.

Payment options

Pay online: To make your Town of Holly Springs Water Bill Payment online, visit You will need to provide your water account number to access your account information. You can pay online with your visa, discover or MasterCard or from your bank account.

Holly Springs, NC - Official Website - payonline

For bank account payments, you will be required to fill in your bank’s routing number together with your account number. For card payments, you must provide your card number and name.

Automatic payments: You can sign up for this convenient Town of Holly Springs Water Bill Payment service online by filling out the bank draft form. If successfully registered, your payment will be deducted automatically from your bank account. You can access the online form by clicking on the ‘bank draft form’ link in the payment options page (

Holly Springs, NC - Official Website - Residential Utility Application

  • Select your account type; whether checking or savings
  • Provide your account details and your banks routing information
  • Enter your name, service address, and water account number
  • Upload a voided check and agree to the terms by typing your name or signing if possible then
  • Submit the application.

The filled out form and check can also be submitted via fax, mail, email, or delivered in person at town hall.

Pay in person: Visit the finance office at town hall, 128 S Main St, first floor to pay your bill. Cash, check, money order and credit card payments are accepted modes of payment.

Pay over the phone: Call (919) 557-2923 and pay your bill using a Visa, MasterCard or a Discover credit card.

Drop box: Place your payment in the drop box located at     128 S Main St, in the parking lot of holly springs town hall.

Pay by mail: Send your check or money order, including your account number to:

Town of Holly Springs
PO Box 8
Holly Springs, NC 27540

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