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Sourcegas Company logoSourceGas is an energy utility company that has been serving the citizens of Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming for more than 70 years now. The customers enjoying their services at the moment are about 420,000. The company has an infrastructure of more than 18,000 miles of pipes to help in distribution and transmission of gas to the communities needing it. They very keep to their customers and that’s why they have put into place effective payment systems.

How to Pay the Bill

Most utility service customers have nightmares when the due date is fast approaching, this could be due to the busy schedule they have until they forget or have no time to go and pay for their bill. They are therefore left pleading that their electricity is not disconnected. SourceGas company bill pay has come up with various payment options to cater for those particular customers. Below find the payment options available.

  • Bank Draft: This option allows Source Gas to debit your bank account so that your monthly utility bill is paid. To use this service, customers can call 1-800-563-0012 so that to request for enrollment. You’ll be provided with a form that you should fill and send it back. It’s good to note if your account doesn’t have enough funds to make the bill payment you’ll be required to make a return payment fee and a penalty for late payment to the company as well as some bank charges.
  • Via Phone: This option allows customers to make payment using their credit card by calling 1-800-563-0012. Completing the call leads to an automated system that gives instruction on how to process the payments.

Sourcegas Company login

To access this portal so that to make the payment, the customer will be required to log into the system. The system enables one to receive paperless bills among other features. If you do not have an account, follow the instruction below to register for one.

Sourcegas Company register

  • Mail: For those that value sending their payment via mail can send personal checks or money orders to the address below.

Source Gas
PO Box 660559
Dallas, TX 75266-0559

  • Authorized Collection Agent: Customers can make payments in person by visiting the nearest authorized payment agent near you to make the payment. The service attracts a service charge for any transaction made.

Customers can make payments in-person through authorized payment centers. There could be a service charge added to these payments.

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