How to Settle Your Connecticut Light and Power Company Monthly Bills Online

Connecticut Light and Power Company is Connecticut’s largest and most reliable electric utility company. CL&P is committed to providing the best service to Connecticut residents, delivering affordable and reliable electric service to more than 1.2 million customers to over 149 Connecticut cities and towns. CL&P is also known for its participation in community service, supporting small and large businesses alike by sponsoring them and giving them the necessary assistance to enable them to serve their clients properly. CL&P, together with its parent company, Northeast Utilities, is also committed to protecting the environment, participating in many environmental projects both locally and internationally.

Paying Bills Online through Pay Online
If you want to pay your electric bills online, you can do so by logging on to the website and choosing one of their payment options. Just go to pay online to choose your preferred payment method and follow the instructions listed on the page. You can choose to pay with a debit card (either single or recurring), a credit card, or through a bank transfer. CL&P recommends that you choose recurring payment so that you won’t have to login onto their website and do the necessary steps to pay your bills as the system will do it automatically for you.

How to Use Pay Online
Paying online is easy; just follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to paying your bills conveniently online:

  • Visit their homepage at and click on “Pay Your Bill”. From there, you will be taken to their many payment options.
  • Choose the one that is preferable to you.
  • Click on the payment method you prefer. You will be then required to login using your CL&P account (you can register for one for free if you don’t have one yet).
  • Once you have logged in, fill up the short form and confirm the payment.
  • Upon successfully completing the payment, you will be given an electronic receipt confirming your payment.
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