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Semco Energy Gas logoSEMCO Energy, Gas Company is a division of AltaGas Ltd a giant in the gas industry. Its core business is distribution of gas to its customers in the Lower Peninsula. The company has a customer base of 290,000 varying from residential, commercial and industrial. In a bid to serve their customers well, they have established several payment options to help the customers pay their bills with ease. Below find the discussed payment options.

Payment Options

It’s very frustrating when you bill arrives late and you have looked for ways to pay it before the service is disconnected. Semco Energy Gas bill pay as several options to help you out.

Paying online: This method can be used by customers who are subscribed to other semco energy gas bill pay options of their choice. A customer can pay their bills online even if they’re receiving their bills by mail. The two payment options accepted by this method are credit card and bank account, which is charged $3.50 for every transaction made.

Semco Energy Gas Bill Pay login

Those that have not registered for the service, will need the following details;

  • An account number
  • The five zip code numbers of their mail address

Then follow the instructions below to complete the online application.

Semco Energy Gas Bill Pay register

Paying By Phone: SEMCO ENERGY also processes credit card and check semco energy gas bill pay via phone. This system is automated and works throughout the day. To pay, use VISA, Discover, MasterCard credit cards or personal check. This service can be accessed by calling 1-800-624-2019 and a service fee of $3.50 applies for any transaction made.

Pay by Mail: This is one of the oldest ways of submitting your payments. All a customer needs is to send their payments in the form of money order or a check to the address below.

PO Box 740812
Cincinnati, OH 45274-0812

Pay in person: For those that prefer paying in person while running some other errands, they can do so at the authorized agents put up through the APS Bill Payment Program. You can visit their official website to find out the nearest payment location near you. This agents charge a $1.50 convenient fee for every transaction made.

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