San Jose Water Company Bill Payment

San Jose Water Company logoThis company was formed in 1886 as a public utility company and today is one of most technically sophisticated company interms of its water system. Its service base is above 1 million around the greater metropolitan area. The company offers quality and sustaining water enhanced with the quality customer care. To be able to serve their customers well they have created effective water payment options that help them collect payments promptly for them to service delivery is effective.

How to Pay the Bill

San Jose Water Company Bill Payment provide various methods that customers can use to make their monthly payment easily and conveniently. The options available are free of charge to use. Below find the methods available.

There is the onetime payment where the client does not have to posess an account to make the payment.

San Jose Water Company One Time Payment

While the other option requires the customer to have an account so as to pay. With an account customers can recieve an eBill and can be able to check previous payment history from the account.

San Jose Water Company Login

They can also monitor their monthly water usage using the online account. Incase you do not have an account follow the pictorial instructions below to register.

San Jose Water Company registration

  • Pay by phone: San Jose Water Company Bill Payment can be made via phone 408-279-7900. This number operates throughout and can payments are only accepted from credit cards and electronic checks only.
  • Pay in person: Customers can also choose to drop off their payments in the below physical addresses:

San Jose Water Company in 110 W. Taylor St. San Jose, CA 95110


UPS Store located in 2530 Berryessa Rd. San Jose, CA 95132

  • Pay by mail: Customers are also allowed to send their payments via mail in the form of money order or personal check to the address below.

San Jose Water Company
P.O. Box 229
San Jose, CA 95103-0229


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