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San Diego Gas And Electric logoSan Diego Gas and Electric is one of the oldest in the country having been established in 1881, by then only serving 89 customers. Today they have over 3.5 million electric consumers and 775,000 gas customers. The company market segment is concentrated in the southern Orange and San Diego counties. It, is a division of the Sempra Energy company one of the huge market players in the US.

How to Pay the Bill

Sometime its refreshing to know that you have a payment option to use in case of an emergency. San Diego Gas and Electric bill pay have several options available for customers to use which are easy to use, convenient and dependable. Below find the options discussed.

San Diego Gas And Electric login

Those that do not have an account can register as shown below.

San Diego Gas And Electric register

  • Pay Automatically: Those customers that want to set up their online account for an automatic deduction can do so by entering their bank information and scheduling for monthly bank deduction to make the bill payment.
  • Pay by Phone: To use the phone San Diego Gas and Electric bill pay one is supposed to apply online or via mail so that you are allowed to use it as a means of payment for your bill. Your account is supposed to have a good standing and no current plans. When processing payments using this option, call 1-800-619-7343 and follow the instructions.
  • Pay by Mail: Customers can pay via mail, by sending their money orders or personal checks to the mail address below.

PO Box 25111
Santa Ana, CA 92799-5111

  • Pay via Home Bank: There are some home banks that offer bill payments that customers can use to pay their bills. This can be done by sending the payment of your utility bill through the address of SDGE payments.
  • Pay by Bill Matrix: Bill Matrix is a company that helps process payments on behalf of many companies providing utility services. They accept payments using debit cards, credit card and bank accounts. The main way to use Bill Matrix is by calling 1-800-386-0067 or through their online portal. This service is charged $1.50 for every transaction made.
  • Pay by Authorized Agents: There exist authorized payment locations that customers can use to make their payments. These agents are throughout San Diego and to find one near you, customers can use the SDGE website to locate one.
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