Republic Waste Services Bill Pay

Republic Waste Services logoRepublic Waste Services is the mother company of over 325 waste management companies in the United States. The company was incorporated in 1998 with the aim of dealing with waste management and recycling. Today it prides to have over 13 million customers in the 40 states it operates in making it one of the largest companies in the industry.

How to Pay the Bill

Republic Waste Services Bill Pay offers a number of options for customers to pay their bills despite the size of the company. Below find the few options available options on their website to choose from:

Pay online: There are two methods that customers can make Republic Waste Services Bill Pay online.

  • With Account access: In this method customers have to register an online account on the company portal so that they can make the payment. The portal can be accessed through Once you have an account you can schedule for your monthly payment, view billing history, monitor monthly water usage among other functions provided in the system. An account number is required to be able to schedule for your payment and if you make a late payment then you risk being disconnected and charged a penalty fee for the late payment.

Republic Waste Services login

If you have no account follow the procedure below to sign up for the online account. This method of payment only accepts credit cards as the means of payment.

Republic Waste Services sign up

  • One time payment: Customers can also use one-time payment service known as Just Pay It to make their payment if they do not want to register. All that is needed is the account number and the zip code to use this service.

Republic Waste Services onetime payment

Pay by mail: Customers can make Republic Waste Services Bill Pay using mail despite the fact that no address is listed in their official website. The company has 348 addresses registered under it and so customers can find whichever they see fit to use to pay their bills. The most appropriate way is to call the customer care requesting for the best address to use in sending the payment. The payment should only be sent in the form of check or money order to avoid getting lost.

Pay by phone: Payments can also be made at 1-877-692-9729.

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