Questar Gas Company Bill Pay

Questar Gas Company logoQuestar Gas was established in the late 1920s and its core business is to provide retail natural gas to the residents of Utah, southeastern Idaho and southwestern Wyoming. Their customer base is said to be close to 900,000.

The company has excellent customer service and a knowledgeable staff that works hard to service delivery. Together with appropriate systems customers can now pay their bills with ease.

How to Pay the Bill

It is always a pressing issue when you have no time to go and pay your bills when the due date is fast approaching and are threatened by a disconnection of service. Another reason that could also worry a customer is the difficult economic times that make it hard to make Questar gas company bill pay on time and would need an alternative to help them pay promptly. Below find the various payment options available Questar gas company.

  • Pay online: Customers can Questar gas company bill pay online by visiting the link SpeedPay is a payment processor powered by Western Union to help customers make their payment online for a fee.

Questar Gas Company onetime

There is another option of registering for an online account at the company portal so that they can receive paperless bills online. This portal can be accessed through

Questar Gas Company login

In case you do not have an account yet, consider registering for it as shown in the screenshot below. The options above all process credit or debit card payments only.

Questar Gas Company register

  • Automatic payment: customers can also decide to make their payments through their checking or savings account monthly deduction. This requires the customer to give authority to the bank to make these payments monthly on their behalf.
  • Pay by phone: Customers can either call 1-800-323-5517 or 1-801-324-5111 to make their payments. Both number process credit cards or debit card payments for a convenience fee per every transaction made.
  • Pay in person: To pay in person customers can use the payment station or drop box locations to make the payment. For payment stations, a convenience fee of $1 for each transaction is applied.
  • Pay by mail: To make Questar gas company bill pay via mail, customers are required to send their money orders or personal checks to the address below.

Questar Gas
P.O. Box 45841
Salt Lake City, UT 84139-0001

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