Piedmont Natural Gas Company Bill Pay

Piedmont Natural Gas logoWith over 50 years in the operation Piedmont Natural Gas remains a trusted natural gas provider to the residents of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Their core business is the distribution of natural gas, they also install gas equipments and appliances to its customers. The company’s customer base stands at over 1 million for both residential and commercial needs. To serve their customers well they have developed different payment systems.

How To Pay The Bill

There are several ways that customers can piedmont natural gas company bill pay. These options are; pay bill in person, pay online, pay via mail, pay by phone. Another method is to have it automatically deducted from the bank account.

To access this service, clients should login to the online account as shown below.

Piedmont Natural Gas Company login

In case you don’t have an account yet on can also register as shown below. This service uses credit or debit cards to make payments and is not charged to use the service.

Piedmont Natural Gas Company register

  • Pay by mail: Customers wishing to pay their bills via mail can send their check or money order together with a copy of the payment slip to the mail address below.

Piedmont Natural Gas

P.O.Box 533500

Atlanta, GA 30353-3500.

  • Pay in person: There are various payment stations available for customers to make payment in person. Visit their official website to find out the nearest payment station near you. However, one can also visit their offices during their working hours and make payments.
  • Pay by phone: Payments are also processed via phone for any customer wishing to piedmont natural gas company bill pay. All one needs is an account number and the credit or debit card they wish to use. Call the number 1-866-316-3356 which works anytime of the day and follow the instructions to make the payment. This service is offered through Western Union and is charged $4.95 for every transaction made.
  • Automatic deduction: This option allows the customer to authorize the bank to deduct funds to cater for the amount billed by the company. Thereby customers do not have to worry about their service being disconnected due to non-payment.
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