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Peoples Gas Bill logoEstablished in 1848, Peoples Gas has been regulated to deliver natural gas to the residents of Chicago. The company is a division of Integrys Energy Group, Inc that is a leading energy company in the US. The company has over 819,000 industrial, commercial and residential customers locally. Among the other duties it carries is helping the community is how to save energy, assisting in energy programs, giving relevant tips to their customers, among other issues.

 How to Pay Your Bill

There are those customers that hate the queues associated with Peoples Gas Bill Payment Center, those days are long gone. There are various ways that customers can pay their bills without having to visit the payment center. Below find the discussed options for Peoples Gas customers.

  • Pay online: Those customers that do not like to go to queue in the Peoples Gas Bill Payment Center so that to make your payments. The relief is here, using the online link you get to make the payment at the comfort of your home, without having to worry about the disconnection of service due to late payment or getting penalized due to paying late. To access this service, customers need to log into the system from where you can use either credit card or debit card to pay.

Peoples Gas Bill  login


In case you do not have an account and would want to use the service, customers are required to have a valid email address to register for a free account. There is no extra charge associated with using this mode of payment.

Peoples Gas Bill  register

  • Pay quickly: This is a payment option that uses the phone to process payments. Customers can call 1-866-556-6001to make payments using their credit cards or debit cards at a $3.95 for residential customers and $9.95 for business customer for every transaction made.
  • Pay automatically: This is where the customer authorizes their banks to deduct their owed amount to cater for their bill. This is possible by setting up the feature in your online account where the payment information is set to allow Peoples Gas with the authority to debit your water account monthly from funds in your bank account.
  • Pay in person: Customers can also visit an authorized payment location to make their payments. The payment locations unlike the Peoples Gas Bill Payment Center charge a $1 service fee.
  • Pay by mail: Customers can also send their personal check to the address below to cater for the bill, but should be done earlier than the due date expires.

Peoples Gas
Chicago, IL 60687-0001

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