Pennsylvania America Water Bill Pay

Pennsylvania America Water logoJust like the many other companies affiliated with American Water companies, Pennsylvania America Water is a subsidiary with over 2 million customers in Pennsylvania America. There duty is to provide safe drinking water, treat wastewater among other service. To be able to provide this service well they have to give simple ways in which the customers can pay their bill.

How to Pay the Bill

Pennsylvania America Water Bill Pay offers various methods that customers can utilize to make their monthly bill payments. Below find the various methods discussed.

Pay online: Customers can make Pennsylvania America Water Bill Pay online by visiting their online portal at To access this service  customers should register for this service as shown in the screenshot shown below.

Pennsylvania America Water register

Once you’ve registered one can log in and access the following services.

  • Checking the account balance
  • Update user details
  • Make payments
  • Change the service to a new account
  • In case you’re moving you can turn the service off
  • Look for future bills

Pennsylvania America Water login

Those without an account can pay using one-time payment option which can be accessed by visiting

Pennsylvania America Water One Time Payment

Pay by mail: Customers can also pay using Pennsylvania America Water Bill Pay by mail to the address below. This method only accepts payment using personal checks or money orders. This method is not the best when the due date is nearing since it might cause the service to be disconnected due to late payment and attracting a penalty.

Pennsylvania American Water
P.O. Box 371414
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7412

Automatic deduction: Customers can apply for an automatic deduction to authorize their bank to deduct funds from their savings or checking account. Automatic deduction is ideal for those that forget to to pay their bills on time and this method would save them the agony of the service being disconnected.

Pay by phone: Another method that customers can also use to pay their water bill is using the phone. This service is free and operates throughout. All you have to do is call 1-866-271-5522 and follow the instructions. This method only accepts credit cards as the means of payment. Using this method the customer does not need to worry about late payments since they can also make payments on the due date provided its within the working hours.

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