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verizonlogoVerizon Wireless is a wireless service provider that is headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It began as a simple joint venture between an American telecommunications firm called Bell Atlantic and the British telecommunications company known as Vodafone.

Their recent slogan is “That’s Powerful” since the year 2013 which encompasses their unrivaled services for wireless communications and one great example of this is their myverizon which makes online payments a breeze for their millions of subscribers.

The Power of My Verizon

Verizon provides numerous features for their subscribers through their website such as checking of emails, payment of bills, watching television online and keeping track of your rewards on their my rewards+ page.

Simple Steps to Follow to Start Making Payments and More

  • Head on over the My Verizon page which you can find at


  •  Register for an account by clicking the Register for My Verizon  link provided below the sign in form



  • After clicking the link, you now have the option of choosing to register for either a Wireless account or Residential account. Wireless covers the smartphones, basic phones, tablets and connected devices while Residential will give you coverage for the internet, television and home phone.


  • If you choose to go Wireless then you only need to enter your 10-digit mobile number in the registration field. After this, they will contact you through the form of a text message containing a Registration PIN which you will need to progress to the next step.


  • If you went for the Residential option then you need to answer a few more fields of verification compared to the Wireless registration. They will ask for your Verizon Home Phone Number provided that you have one and at least one of the following – last bill amount, last payment amount or Verizon Account Number.


A successful registration will now allow you to sign in to your very own My Verizon Account ( myverizon) which can now be connected to pay your bills at the ease of your own home. You also now have the ability to keep track of your reward points that can be earned by continuously using Verizon’s service and watch your favorite television shows. Please keep in mind the user id and password that you have selected during the course of your registration. In light of an unfortunate event like forgetting your password, you can easily retrieve it by selecting the Forgot Password or User ID link just below the sign in form.

Never hesitate to contact a Customer Service Representative or use the Contact Us form which can be found here for any further inquiries or doubts.


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