Pay the Amazon bills at Capital Retail Bank, GECRB has worked together with Amazon to provide for better bill pay methods among them the store card and the corporate account credit line. GECRB privacy policy governs the Credit. This makes it cheaper for the Amazon customers to make purchases and payments. They have gone ahead to provide for an online portal at where a customer can manage either account. Both payment methods can be applied online at the online credit center for the online account access.

The credit card.

The credit card cannot be used to pay the following

  1. Downloaded Games and Software.
  2. Digital subscriptions fees.
  3. Textbook rentals fees.
  4. Magazine subscriptions fees.
  5. Amazon Prime Memberships fees.
  6. Cell Phones under a plan.

Register your credit card

Once you get your card you need to register it.

  1. Click the “Register” link.Register here
  2. You need to have, your credit card, the social security number, email address, date of birth and your mother’s maiden name to complete the registration. Enter your details here

How to make payments using the card

  1. Visit On the left side of the page, enter your User ID and click “Secure login”.
  2. The next page allows you to enter your password. Then proceed to your account.
  3. Right on your account, click “Payments” followed by “Make a Payment”.
  4. Ensure you enter your correct banking information-the routing number and the checking and saving account number.
  5. Enter the amount you need to pay then click “Make a Payment”.
  6. You can set recurring payments by clicking “Enroll in Recurring Payments” or change the settings before making the payments by reviewing the terms and conditions then check “Agree” and click “Submit”. You will be notified whether the recurring payments have been saved.

How to pay bills using a Corporate Credit Line Payment.

  1. Go to Click “Manage account” link and proceed to enter your User ID, password then to your online account.
  2. On your account you can easily make the payments.
  3. You can also send the payments by mail to PO Box 960016, Orlando, FL 32896-0016 for the revolving credit line or to PO Box 530958, Atlanta, GA 30353-0958 for the pay in full credit line.

Do you experience any problem?

  1.  In logging in to your account? Use the number on your card to call customer care for help.
  2. In accessing, check whether your browser is compatible with the site. Microsoft explorer 5.5 and higher are one of the recommended browsers.
  3. Lost your card? Call GECRB at 1-866-634-8379 for assistance.
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