Oklahoma Natural Gas Bill Pay

Oklahoma Natural Gas logoOklahoma Natural Gas was established in 1906 with the aim of providing Gas energy to the residents of Oklahoma. The company is a division of the ONE Gas, Inc and is listed as the 3rd best gas companies in the US. They have a customer base of over 830, 000 in the whole United States. To enable their customers get value for their money they have different payment options for their customers to utilize.

How to Pay the Bill

Oklahoma Natural Gas Bill Pay has several options that customers can make payments for their electricity bills. These options are paying using online, in person, automatic bank draft, by phone and mail. This method helps the customer make payments easily and conveniently to avoid disconnection of the services. Below find the options discussed.

Oklahoma Natural Gas login

This payment option requires one to sign up for the services so that to access the service. If you have an account one can use either a credit card, debit card or an electronic check to make a payment.

Oklahoma Natural Gas register

  • Automatic bank draft: customers can also decide to have their bill automatically deducted from their bank account. This feature is incorporated on the online portal where one has to login in order to activate the service. This service is best for those that forget to pay their electricity bills on time, causing the service to be disconnected or charged with reconnection fees.
  • Pay in person: there are over 530 payment locations all over the US that one can pay their bills in person. To find out the nearest payment location near you, visit their official website to access the location search tool to help you out. Some of the options that will help in case you want to pay in person are; local offices, kiosks authorized dealers and night drop boxes. To make payments using this option, it will take approximately three days for the account to be credited. There are fees charged to use this service, but depends on the provider.
  • Pay by phone: Customers can also use the phone to make pay their bills, by calling 1-800-664-5463. This service processes payment done using debit cards, credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Pay by mail: Bills can also be paid by sending payments to the address below. One can only send a money order or a personal check for this type of payment.

Oklahoma Natural Gas Company
P.O. Box 219296
Kansas City, MO 64121-9296

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