New Jersey Natural Gas Bill Pay

New Jersey Natural Gas logoNew Jersey Natural Gas is a public utility company serves over half a million customers in the New Jersey area. The company operates under the mother company Fortune 1000 company New Jersey Resources that has been providing affordable energy and gas for many years now. Its yearly revenue is estimated to be around $2.5 billion. To serve their customers better they have introduced various payment options for their customers to use.

How to Pay Your Bill

There are options that customers can use to make New Jersey Natural Gas Bill Pay to avoid the service being disconnected due to late payment. Below find the various payment options available for their customers.

New Jersey Natural Gas login

For those that do not have an account can register online with a valid email address as shown below. To make payments one should use either a credit card or a debit card.

New Jersey Natural Gas register

  • Pay by ZipCheck: This service lets customer do automated payments via their bank accounts. An authorization has to be done to the bank so that this service is made possible. To use this service, customers should sign up for ZipCheck through their online New Jersey Natural Gas Bill Pay account.
  • Pay by mail: For those that still use the traditional method to make their bill payment can send their payments via mail to the address below. This method only accepts money orders and personal checks as the means of payments. For fast crediting using this method customers are asked to write their account number on the money order or check.

New Jersey Natural Gas Co.
PO Box 11743
Newark, NJ 07101-4743

  • Pay by phone: Phone payments are also accepted by New Jersey Natural Gas but they are provided for a small convenience fee. Customers wishing to use this method can call 1-800-221-0051, then follow the instructions to make the payments.
  • Pay at authorized locations: There are over 50 payment location all over the US, to make payment in this location, customers can find the nearest authorized agent via their official website. Using this method, one is charged $1 for each transaction made.
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