National Fuel Gas Company Bill Pay

National Fuel Gas Company logoNational Fuel Gas Company was crafted from Shale gas its mother company with the aim of service the energy needs of the residents of New York and Pennsylvania. It has a customer base of over 700,000 customers and has been working hard to reduce utility bills to its customers, bring a dynamic change in the energy sector of this region. To add to all that they also hold to the dream of an independent energy in America so that to better the lives of its citizens.

How to Pay the Bill

National Fuel Gas Company Bill Pay has several ways that customers can use to make their payments. These various methods are, pay by mail, online payment, automatic bank deductions and many more.

  • Pay online: Customers can make National Fuel Gas Company Bill Pay online by visiting This portal allows customers to use their credit cards or debit cards to make their gas bills. To register for the service one can use the instructions shown below. If already have an account one can login to the account to make the payment.

National Fuel Gas Company login n register

If a customer wants to make a one-time payment they can use the screen below.

National Fuel Gas Company onetime

  • Pay by mail: Customer can also choose to send their payments via mail to the address below. This option only allows money orders and personal checks. It’s advisable for customers to attach their bill stub so that it is processed fast. This method is not ideal if the due date is approaching since this may cause the service to be disconnected and charged for reconnection.

National Fuel
PO Box 4103
Buffalo, NY 14264

  • Pay by phone: National Fuel Gas Company Bill Pay can also be done via phone. Payments made using this method are credited to the account that same day so it’s appropriate to those that forget to make payment before the due date. To pay by phone customers can call 1-866-999-3277 to make payment via savings or credit account or 866-999-7668 for debit or credit card payment.
  • Pay automatically: Another easy and fast way to make payment is by use of direct debit. Customers can authorize their bank to do automatic deduction to their account to cater for their monthly National Fuel bill.

National Fuel Gas Company autopay

To stop using this service one will be required to write to National Fuel directing them of your wish.

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