Metro Water Services Bill Pay

Metro Water Services logoIt was not until 2010 that Metro Water Services was intergrated into Watercare Services Limited. Before that the company has been running independently serving the residents of Nashville, Tennessee. With the economic times becoming harder and harder every day, it as become a challenge for the customers to pay their bill promptly or even find from their busy schedule to go pay their water bills. To avoid a situation of water supply being cut off for non-payments, the company has provided options for them to use.

How to Pay the Bill

With Metro Water Services Bill Pay one can choose several options to make payment from. It all depends with the need for those that do not have time to visit the offices in person to make payments, there are several options to help them out.

Pay by mail: For those customers that want to send their bills via mail can send their personal check or money orders to the address below.

Metro Water Services
PO Box 305225
Nashville, TN 37230-5225

Pay online: customers can make Metro Water Services Bill Pay online by visiting

Metro Water Services Bill Pay signup

This service processes credit and debit card payments. To access the service requires customers to register for the service as shown below.

Metro Water Services Bill Pay signin

Pay by bank draft: This method involves withdrawing the due amount to make payment of the bill. This service can be requested by calling 1-615-862-4600 or downloading a form and filling requests to be enrolled for the service.

Pay in person: Customers can visit the office at the address below to make payments. This method is the most appropriate when the due date has passed and you are facing a disconnection of service.

Metro Water Services
1700 Third Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37230

Pay by phone: This method allows the customers to make payments using Credit card and by calling 1-615-862-4600 the payment is processed at no extra charge.

Pay at a payment station: there are four available payment centers for Metro Water Services customers. Visit their website to see the nearest payment center near you.

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