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Montana-Dakota Utilities logoMontana-Dakota Utilities or MDU is an electricity and gas distribution company that has been providing this service to their customers in North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. The company was started at the border of Montana-Dakota to provide electricity to a small group of farmers, but over time they have grown into a big player in the industry and now has a customer base of 384,000 customers. They offer varying rates for their service, making them the best option for most. For those that have problem paying their electric bills monthly MDU offers various ways to pay them as discussed below.

How To Pay The Bill

What are the MDU bill pay options available for customers to use? This is a question that is often raised when a person has limited option to make their electricity bill payment and the due date is fast approaching. To avoid disconnection customers seek for fast and convenient methods that they would use to pay their bill. Below find the various payment options available.

  • Pay online: For those that want to use MDU bill pay online can visit Western Union Speedpay that charges $3.95 for using the service. To access the service visit This service receives the payment throughout, but in case you make the payment after 4 P.M your account will be credited the following business day.

MDU online payment

  • Pay by phone: Western Union Speedpay also accept phone payments through the number 1-866-263-5185 that is charged $3.95 as a convenience fee. Customers have also the option of making MDU bill pay via customer care number 1-800-638-3278 that operates from 7.30 am to 6:30pm but if the payment is made after 4 p.m the account is credited the next business day.
  • Automatic deduction: Customers can also opt to authorize their banks to do an automatic deduction to pay their monthly bill. To do this the customer needs to fill outthis form then send it with a void savings account slip or a check to the address below.

Attn: Customer Support
P.O. Box 7608
Boise, ID 83707-1608

  • Pay stations: Customers can also pay in person at the nearest payment option. To located the station near you visit their official website or call customer center to inquire.
  • Pay by mail: Customers can also send their electricity bill through the address below. Money order and checks are the only payment options accepted through this method.

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.
PO Box 5600
Bismarck, ND 58506-5600

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