Madison Gas And Electric Bill Pay

Madison Gas And Electric logoMGE or the Madison Gas And Electric has been providing electricity to the people of Madison for over 150 years now. Currently they have over 250,000 customers around the Madison area. Their goal is providing reliable service, informing the public on ways to reduce energy wastage and finally helping the community in their events and activities. To help the customer pay their bills on time they have various payment options to help them.

How to Pay Your Bill

There are various methods that customers can utilize to make Madison Gas And Electric Bill Pay easily and conveniently. Below find the payment options discussed.

Automatic payment: Madison Gas And Electric Bill Pay can be paid by authorizing your bank to automatically deduct an estimated amount to pay for the bill, then reconcile once the amount has been credited in your water bill account.

Pay by mail: Customers could also pay by mail through sending your money order or personal check with a copy of your bill stub to the address below. Payments are processed the same day the payment is received.

PO Box 1231
Madison, WI 53701-1231

Pay by phone: Customers can make Madison Gas And Electric Bill Pay via phone by calling 1-800-526-5995 that is processed by a third-party processor at a charge of $5.95 per transaction. This method uses a credit card or debit card to make payments. All that the customer needs to utilize this service is an account number, your card of choice, payment amount you intend to pay and billing zip code.

Pay online: Customers have also an option of using the Madison Gas And Electric Bill Pay online method. They have to have registered for this service at to make use of it. To register follow the instructions shown below.

Madison Gas And Electric register

Once you’ve registered the customers have to log in into the CheckFree system so that they can enjoy the below services as shown below.

Madison Gas And Electric login

  • Customers can make payments, check Billing history, meter information and other payment details.
  • Customers can Sign up to use Electronic Funds-Transfer or Budget Payment Plan.
  • Customers can check energy use and consumption

Pay in person: It is also possible to make payments in person. This is possible by visiting their offices or using authorized payment agents. Those that choose to use an agent are charged $1 for processing.

Pay at a drop box: Drop box locations are also available for those that want to make the payment during late hours or those that want to avoid queues. To locate the nearest drop box in your area, call the customer care at 1-800-245-1125.

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