Jefferson Parish Water Bill Payment

Jefferson Parish department of Water is a small company providing water services to the residents of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. It is tasked with ensuring that the residents have a constant and reliable supply of quality water at all times. There are several Jefferson Parish Water Bill Payment options available for the convenient payment of bills by the customers.

Payment options

Automatic payments: This service allows you the convenience of having your bill automatically deducted from your bank account. To sign up for the service, fill out an authorization form which can be downloaded and printed from the Jefferson Parish website, attach a voided check and return the form to the Jefferson Parish Water Department at PO Box 10007, Jefferson, LA 70181-0007.

Pay by phone: You can call 1-504-736-6060 to access the automated system for phone payments and pay your bill with visa, discover or MasterCard credit cards. You can also pay with a check for free.

Pay by mail: Make your payment by sending your check or money order to:

Jefferson Parish Dept of Water
PO Box 10007
Jefferson, LA 70181-0007

Pay in person: This Jefferson Parish Water Bill Payment allows you to pay your bill in person by visiting the various payment locations.

Pay online: You can make Jefferson Parish Water Bill Payment online as a one-time payments without registering for an online Jefferson Parish account. Simply click on the one-time payment button on the online account login page. You, however, need to login with your username and password in order to your online account to have unlimited access to your account information and use the other online payment options by visiting


Jefferson Parish Dept of Water registration

  • To register for online access, click on ‘register’
  • Provide the required information which includes your account number. Set a username and password, then submit your registration.
  • Once logged in, select the payment option you wish to use.

Jefferson Parish Dept of Water login

  • Fill in your payment information as required. If making the payment from your bank account, you will need to fill in your account number and your bank’s routing information. If you are paying with a credit card, fill in the card number, name and expiry date of the card. Specify the amount you want to pay.
  • Submit your payment.
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