Ista North America Bill Payment

Ista North America logoIsta North America is a leading provider of water and energy services operating in 85 countries with millions of meter points. It provides metering and billing services as well as management of energy, water and other costs. It serves residential, commercial and retail energy customers. With over 100 years experience and expertise in sub metering, and management of utility expenses, and proven technology, it helps customers manage energy and utilities.

Payment Methods

There are several Ista North America Bill Payment methods available to the customers such as; by phone, online, by mail. To pay using this method, customers can decide to use their savings or checking account in case of automatic deduction, cash, credit card and debit cards.

The company has invested in a self-service IVR system that helps customers to check their account information as well as make payments. This system only processes credit card payments at a convenience fee. To use it, the customer is prompted to issue the system with credit card details (credit card number and security code), amount you intend to pay and the billing address.

  • Pay online: To make Ista North America Bill Payment online would save a lot of customer’s time, unlike wasting time queuing in banking hall just to make the payment. Sometime the due date could have reached and you would risk disconnection of service. To pay online one is supposed to visit an external payment processor. One should login to access the portal payment feature.

Ista North America login

To make payment via this method one is required to have an account number and the credit card details.If you do not have an account one can register for one at the new user section.

Ista North America register

  • Pay by phone: this option requires the customer to call the customer care office to process their payments via phone. The number to call is 1-800-823-1468, then a customer care representative will assist you in making the payment.
  • Pay by mail: There is no specific mail designated for bill payments, but customers can use the address in their statement. For fast processing include the account number on the check or money order. This option is much slower as compared to the above two, because of the delivery and processing time it will take. Therefore, it would not be the best choice if the due date is close.
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