Grand Prairie Water Bill Payment

grand-prairie-water-logoGrand Prairie is a metropolitan city that has grown from 1000 people in 1940s to180,000 people living there at the moment. The city neighbors Fort Worth and Dallas and is among the large cities in Texas. The atmosphere is so relaxing making it a nice place to raise a family. Just like any other town the city has a water department that provides tha citizens with access to water through the Grand Prairie water department.

How to Pay the Bill

Once a customer receives a bill to make a Grand Prairie Water Bill Payment there are several options to use that are convenient.

  • Pay online: This is one of the most convenient means to make a Grand Prairie Water Bill Payment. To access this service online visit Using this method one is not supposed to register for an online account so that they can make their payments, but you’ll need to a PIN number and the account number access this service.

Grand Prairie - onetime

The PIN number is usually the numeric portion of the address you’ve provided. For example if your address is 777 Main Street then your PIN will automatically be 777 if there are no numerics in your address one should enter 0 for thei PIN number.

The customers can also pay by registering an online account as shown below.

Grand Prairie - registered

This account can be accessed by signing into the account as shown in the screenshot below.

Grand Prairie -login

  • Pay by phone: To use this method customers can call 1-972-237-4545 and follow the prompts in making the payment. Payment modes accepted by this method is elctronic check and credit cards only.
  • Pay by mail: Customers opting for this method can send their payment to the address below, before the due date to avoid the service from being disconnected. The modes accepted using this method is money order and personal checks only.

Grand Prairie Water
317 W College St
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

  • Pay by bank draft: This method allows the customer to setup an automatic withdrawal program which is payable through the bank draft. To access this service contact the customer service department via 1-972-237-8200.
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