Georgia Natural Gas Bill Pay

Georgia Natural Gas logoGeorgia natural gas (GNG) is a provider of natural gas to both residential and commercial customers Georgia including towns in the north Georgia mountains and the metro Atlanta and is part of the southstar energy services. It provides clean natural gas to about half a million customers.

Customers can choose how to pay their bill from a number of Georgia Natural Gas Bill Pay and billing options available.

Payment options

Budget billing: with this plan, an estimated annual consumption is divided equally among the months allowing better budgeting and reducing the burden in the high consumption seasons since you pay equal amounts every month.

Pay online: pay your bill from your checking or saving account online securely through the GNG website.

Online Customer Care - Georgia Natural Gas - Login

  • Under ‘MyAccount’ click on ‘Login’ and enter your details to sign in.
  • To register, click on the ‘register’ link and create a user ID and password and enter your details, agree to the terms of use then click on ‘continue’.
  • Provide additional account details such as your account number to complete the registration process and log in.

Online Customer Care - Georgia Natural Gas - Registration

  • Select the online payments method and fill in your payment details then submit your payment. It will take up to 5 business days for the payment to be processed.


Automatic bank drafts: pay your GNC bill through automatic deductions of your bill amount from your bank account on or before your bill’s due date. To sign up for this service, call customer service at 770-850-6200  or 1-877-850-6200 to request an application form or download it from, fill the form and return it by mail or fax. You can attach a voided check to your application but it isn’t a requirement.

Pay via mail: allowing at least 7 business days for delivery and processing, mail your check or money order payment to:

Georgia Natural Gas
Attention: Payment Center
PO BOX 105445
Atlanta, GA  30348-5445

Pay in person: you can visit the customer service counter at any WalMart and most Kmart stores to pay your bill or visit a western union payment location. You can find a payment location near you by dialing 1-800-551-8001 and pressing 1. Note that western union payments attract a convenience charge for each transaction you make.

Pay by phone: pay your bill using a credit or debit card by calling 1-800-551-8001 and follow the prompts to enter your account and payment details. Your payment may take about two days to reflect in your account.


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