City of Tallahassee Bill Payment

City of Tallahassee logoThe City of Tallahassee was incorporated in 1901. Its located in Leon County and its headquarters is in Florida. The city provides so many services to the citizens living there among them the water supply. For the citizen to pay their bills they utilize the different option that are available to them.

Payment options

Pay Online: There are two ways to make your payment online.

  • e+Online: This service is free to use and only requires the customer to have an online account.

City of Tallahassee login

To access this service visit the link This service only processes payments made using savings or checking account. To enroll for this service follow the instructions below.

City of Tallahassee register

  • Using the ACH: This service uses a third party payment processor to enable the service to operate. Through the Western Union portal customers can pay their bills easily at a fee. You do not need to have an account and credit and debit card payments are accepted.

Pay in person: Customers can visit their walk-in center to make City of Tallahassee Bill Payment or visit any authorized agent to pay their bills there, during the business hours. This method is appropriate because your account is credited immediately and can avoid penalties due to late payments.

Pay by phone: through Western Union, customers can have their payments processed via phone by calling 877.765.8189. This service attracts a convenience fee for every transaction made.

Pay by mail: Those that still send their payments via mail can send to the address below. This payment can only be done in money orders or personal checks.

City of Tallahassee
435 N. Macomb St. Relay Box
Tallahassee, FL 32301

 Other Methods

SmartBill: this method allows the customer to schedule their payment from a SmartBill, which is an electronic system that is setup on your online account and you get to authorize where to deduct the monthly bill.

Automatic Bank deduction: This is where you authorize your bank to withdraw your due City of Tallahassee Bill Payment amount from your checking account to clear the bill.

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