City of Lodi water bill pay

City of Lodi water logoCity of Lodi provide service utilities that offer the residents with water, garbage collection, sewer, electricity and many other services. Residents get to apply for the services they want offered to them which must be processed by the financial department. Customers can count of having a reliable water service provider since they have provided high quality water for years with minimum complaints. Their customers base is about 63,000 people which is a good number considering there are other companies providing the same services. They offer different ways in which their customers can pay for their bills.

How to Pay the Bill

City of Lodi water bill pay offers the various options methods to pay bill for residents as shown below.

  • Pay online: Customers can make payments through the City of Lodi online platform that can ve accessed through the link This method uses credit card or visa cards that can be either Visa or Mastercard or even the electronic check to make the payments. No extra fees are changed when using the above method. All you have to do it login to the system and make the payments. Apart from that one gets to enjoy other services offered by the system such as viewing your bill history, receiving your bill electronically therefore there is no delay in getting it among other services.

City of Lodi - Online BillPay login

If you do not have an online account one can register as shown in the instructions below.

City of Lodi - Online BillPay register

  • Pay by mail: Another method to make your City of Lodi water bill pay is by sending your payments through the mail to the Financial Department which is responsible for payments of all utility services. Only personal checks and money orders are accepted. Use the address below to send your payments via mail.

City of Lodi
Finance Division
PO Box 3006
Lodi, CA 95241-1910

  • Pay in person: Those that want to make payments in person can visit their offices at the address below.

City of Lodi
Finance Division
310 W Elm St
Lodi, CA 95241

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