City Of Houston Water bill pay

City Houston logoThe City of Houston Water is run under the Public Works and Engineering Departmentwhich is incharge of providing most of the basic services that affect the lives of the common people living and working in Houston, TX. This department is tasked with the production and distribution of water in the city with its capacity being 146 billion gallons per year with its treatment plant holding over 90 billion gallons in an year. Other duties include the sewer system mainataince among others. This department serves around 2.1 million residents that translates to about $600 million of gross revenue. To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of services the department has established an online service for customers to pay their bills and access other services such as previous bill and many others. This suppliments other payment options available to make City Of Houston Water bill pay.

How to Pay a Bill quickpay

Mode of payment that can be used are the checking accounts, credit cards or the debit cards which are charged a convenience charge so that the transaction to be completed.

  • Pay by mail: Customers can also send Payments to be credited to your water bills through the mail and can be sent to the address below. For convenience use the money order or an electronic check only.

City of Houston
Attn: Water Department
PO Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251

  • Overnight payment: To make such a payment one should use the physical address instead so that the mail can reach the destination in the morning. The address is as shown below. City of Houston
    Attn: Water Department
    901 Bagby
    Houston, TX 77002
  • Pay by phone: This service is accessed by dialing 1-713-371-1265 and then following the instruction prompted by the machine. Once the transation is complete you’ll be notified if its successful.
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