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charlotte utilities logoCharlotte Water Company was the first water company to be established in 1881 to serve the residents there, but in 1972 the efforts to provide water services and wastewater were consolidated for the whole city and county and that is how it became Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities. It is the largest service provider in North Carolina providing water and wastewater services. It started with 72,000 customers providing only 48 million gallons of clean drinking water and about 40 million gallons of wastewater. Today they have 788,000 customers and their capacity has also grown greatly meaning they have to comeup with easier ways to serve them and provide with convenient ways for them to pay their bills.

How to Pay the Bill

Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities bill pay offers payment options that fit any active lifestyle, which could be paying in person, paying online, by phone and automatic bank reduction. Depanding on the payment option you decide to use, you can use various payment mode like credit card, debit card, cash and the elctronic check.

Citizen Services Web Portal City of Charlotte login

Incase you do not have an account one can register for one by following the step on the image below.

Citizen Services Web Portal City of Charlotte register

  • Western Union Speedpay: This is also an online payment method that uses the western union as a payment gateway. Just for a small fee of $1.95 customers enjoy the convenient service to pay their bill.
  • Pay by phone: By calling 704-336-7600 which is a customer service number Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities bill pay customers make payment through this method which only cost them $1.95 as convenience fee.
  • Automatic deduction: Directly from their checking or savings account customers can decide to have their bills reduced monthly to cater for the bill which is convenient and you dont get to suffer disconnections due to late payments.
  • Pay by mail: Customers can choose to send their payments through the mail which should only be in the form of money order and checks only to the address below.

City of Charlotte
Billing Center
P.O. Box 1316
Charlotte, NC 28201-1316

  • In person: Customers can even decide to visit their offices or the various payment locations and make the payments.
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