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California American Water logoCalifornia American Water is a local water and wastewater company serving around 630,000 people around Califonia. The company is part of American Water Company providing services in a number of States in the US. Among the towns served by California American Water are; Coronado, Felton, Larkfield, Monterey, Rosemead, Sacramento and Ventura. With the nature of its huge customer base they’ve come up with various payment options to help their customers to pay their California American Water bill pay with ease.

How To Make California American Water Bill Pay

There are different convenient ways that customers can use to make their payments, which include: paying using bank draft, online, over the phone, in person, or through the mail Service.

  • Pay through Bank draft: To make payment using this method one has to make authorisation by filling out the form and mailing it together with a void savings slip or check.
  • Paying online: To make your payments online customers can visit MyH2O website through All you need to have is an online account that will provide you access to the service.

My H2O Online login

Otherwise you can register for the account by clicking the register link and filling the form as provided on the screenshot shown below.

My H2O Online register

For those that do not want to use MyH20 service, they can instead visit to pay your bill. This service works the same way only that this one, customers can also check account balance, make updates on the account, change the service to a new address and finally you can turn off the service incase you are relocating.

One Time Payment california- american

  • Pay by Phone: Another way that customers can pay California American Water bill pay is via phone by dialing 1.866.271.5522 and following the prompts and making sure the account number they provide is the correct one. This method accepts both Visa and Mastercards which is changed a small service charged for the service.
  • Pay in Person: Customers can visit thier nearest payment center to pay their bill. It’s advisable not to send payments via mail to this centers instead send directly to the company.
  • Pay Via Mail: For those that receive their bill slips via mail should detach them and send them back using the envelop included to the address listed on it. Payment should only be sent inform of money orders or checks only.
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