Burbank Water and Power bill pay

Burbank-Water-and-PowerBurbank Water and Power is a community company distributing water and electricity to the residents of Burbank, California. Meaning the shareholders are the residents of Burbank. With over 100 years of service the company has grown to a level of providing services to over 40,000 homes in the area. They now use smart meters, which are read from the main offices instead of sending people to read, thereby reducing the chances of human error as the bills are generated from the actual consumption for the month which reduces complaints from the customers.

How to Make a Baton Rouge Water Bill Pay

  • Pay online: You can make your Burbank Water and Power bill pay online via http://www.burbankwaterandpower.com/make-a-payment link which is an online portal for making a one time payment of $3.95 processor fee. Although there is an option of signing up for an online account so that you can enjoy lots of payment options as well as getting your bill history online.

How to Enroll an Online Account

An online account helps one to enjoy accessing more payment options, viewing the monthly bills online among many other options. To get an online account you can Click here to enroll link and follow the screen below.

 Create an Account Burbank Water

After enrolling you’ll no longer receive paper bills every end month and you’ll be checking online  as shown below. But if you still require it to be sent via mail, you should update that detail in My Notifiacation page.

make payments Burbank Water

To Find more about this service, click here to watch this video.

  • Pay by mail: Those wishing to pay their Burbank Water and Power bill pay using personal checks or money order they should send their payments to the address below.

Burbank Water and Power
PO Box 631
Burbank, CA 91503-0631

  • Pay in person: One can also make payments in person during working hours in business days at the 164 W Magnolia Blvd. The payments accepted are in the form of money orders, cash, checks only, meaning credit cards and debit cards are not accepted.
  • Paying at payment boxes:Burbank Water and Power bill pay can be made at payment boxes that are located throughout Burbank, which is a convenient means of payment. Using this method takes time so one should use an alternative means of payment to avoid disconnection if the due date is close. Cash cannot be used to in payment boxes, but other methods can.
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