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American States Water logoAmerican States Water is a company formed as a result of a merger between 33 independent companies so that to form a single entity providing water and sanitation services around California and Alizona. Although the merger happened in 1928 the company was incorporated as a limited company in 1998 in the state of California. Its customer base in California and Alizona 288,000, but it is believed to serve around 81 communities around Us making it one of the largest private water company. American States Water is the Mother company of American States Utility Services, Inc and Golden State Water Company that deals with water services and wastewater systems.

How to Pay the Bill

When ready to make your monthly American States Water Bill Paythere are several options to use that are easy and convenient. These options include, paying in-person, paying online, paying through the phone, automatic deductions some at no extra fee or with very small service charges.

Below find the payment options that you can use and a brief explanation on how to use it.

  • Online payment:American States Water Bill Pay can be done through MyCheckFree that is an online payment gateway that have collaborated with American States Water company to offer a simple way to make your payment online at the convenience of your home. The system also offers an online account that the customer can check their bill online and view history of their consumption.To pay online or registering this service visit the link above. To sign for this service visit and use your details to access the system as shown below.

 American States Water Company Bill Center Login

If you don’t have an account, follow the following steps

  1. Sign up for an account by clicking on Go Scout! Link
  2. Enter your bill details and the method you wish to receive the bill
  3. The last step is to verify the details are correct.

American States Water Company Bill Center signup

  • Pay in person: Customers can visit their offices and making the payment there. Which unlike the other methods is a bit hectic since you might find a long queue all wanting to make the payment.
  • Automatic deduction: This is whereby you authorize your bank to deduct an estimate of your monthly bill so that your water services are not disconnected for late payment. This service is offered for free and all you need is to fill the authorization fee.
  • Pay by mail: The American States Water Bill Pay can also be made through the mail. This is done by sending the money order or a check to the address below. You should be careful when sending your payment via mail since if your payment is not received in time the service might be disconnected temporarily. So make sure you are keen with the due date.
  • Pay by Phone: This is done by calling the number 1-800-780-9716 from where you will be required to choose your payment mode, either debit card, credit card or electronic check. Just follow the instruction while using this option.
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